With love and admiration to the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency care doctors, nurses, and staff:
My utmost thanks in your continued passion for your job; your spirit when the situation seems to go crazy, and then gets even worse; your faith that if you try "just one more thing" a life may be saved; your courage to go above and beyond what's expected because you've got a intuition about something; most of all, your underlying love for your job, because we all know, it's not for the money, nor the recognition... it's to help people, and that's what it's all about. My love to you all. Thank you. I Pray For You.

Hi! I am an emergency room trauma nurse (going on 6 years!), and I work with heroes every day. The third track on my CD is called "I Pray For You." It is a dedication to "all the people that do what you do." On behalf of all these heroes a portion of the proceeds from this CD will be divided between the firefighters memorial and the police officers memorial. Any money given above and beyond my asking price will be directly placed into these charities.

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